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Stretching from the Arctic Circle to one of the southernmost tips of continental world, America is truly representative of the new world. With glaciers on either end, in Canada and Alaska in the north and Patagonia in the south, there is a world of natural splendour, and human cultural diversity in between.


From the Samba and Salsa, hot spicy foods, ancient and mysterious Mayan and Incan ruins, the Amazon jungle and volcanoes in South and Central America to the palm fringed white beaches, coral reefs, turquoise waters and reggae music of the Caribbean and the larger than life natural phenomena of the Great Barrier Reef, and Yellow Stone National Park, the vibrant cities, the glitz and lights of Los Vegas, the quiet of the Nevada desert, the beaches of California and the ski resorts of Colorado and Canada. The America’s offer the widest variety of new world charm and natural beauty anywhere on earth.
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