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Once the only continent inhabited by man, Africa still has a lot to offer. Home to lions, African elephant, rhino, hippopotamus and mountain gorillas, the national parks and game reserves literally teem with wild animals and birds.


The landscape varies from the Savannah grasslands of Botswana, to the deserts of Namibia, Egypt and Morocco. Tropical rainforests abound in Central Africa, and Mozambique, South Africa and Kenya boast unspoiled beaches, many of them deserted. Kenya is home to the Africa’s highest mountain Mount Kilimanjaro.

The islands just off the shore of Kenya boast coconut and mango plantations and beaches surrounded by coral reefs that swarm with tropical marine life. In North Africa, Egypt and Morocco boast ancient tombs and places of worship. They are also both surrounded by desert, and camels and nomadic tribes are scattered around this hostile environment.

The islands of Reunion and the Seychelles offer warm tropical oceans and white sandy beaches, whilst ancient Zanzibar brings Arabia to the African coast with markets lining the streets of Stone Town.

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