Landlocked Afghanistan is in South Central Asia. Over the last thirty years it has been largely inaccessible to travelers due to ongoing internal strife, and most governments advise against travel to this country. It is important that travelers to Afghanistan do their research before embarking on the journey.


Join the hustle and bustle of the street markets in Kabul or enjoy the Babur’s Gardens laid out in the sixteenth century and recently restored. It is the biggest park in Kabul. Mazrat is safer than Kabul and here you can visit The Blue Mosque, beautiful and mysterious, its lovely bright blue domes and splendid walls intricately patterned with mosaic tiles is a sight to behold. The Citadel in Herat stands on the foundations of a fort built by Alexander the Great in 330BC. The Friday mosque in Herat is considered Afghanistan’s finest and one of the best in Central Asia.

In the Bamyan Valley thirty-eight and fifty meter crevices carved into the cliff walls in the sixth century once held the tallest standing statues of Buddha. The surrounding cliffs are full of caves carved out by Buddhist monks.

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