A Day In Sydney Without Breaking The Bank

The only thing more fun than visiting Sydney is if you could plan your visit to cost you less than $25. Well, the only thing that is even better than that is if you could allocate most of that money to great food and drinks. Luckily, Sydney offers plenty of great things to do and see that won’t take a hit on your wallet. If you want to make the most of your Sydney vacation, consider checking out these great places while you are down under.

#1 Sydney Harbor.

It’s quite obvious that the first option for those visiting Sydney, is to head over to the world famous Sydney Harbour. Although there is plenty of things to do that will cost you money, you can find just as many things to do for free that will allow you to enjoy the history and culture that Sydney offers. There are plenty of beaches that you can sit back, relax and enjoy while you are enjoying your vacation. You can also walk along the beaches and find countless views that are known around the world. This includes the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair.

Stunning Sydney Harbour
Stunning Sydney Harbour


You’ll want to make sure you have your camera with you when you are exploring Sydney, because you’ll have countless opportunities at photo ops. The Sydney Harbour is quite possibly one of the most beautiful urban areas in the world, which is further accentuated because it is located so close to the seaside. And the fact that you can do all of this for free, makes for an even more enjoyable time.

#2 Picton Botanical Gardens.

Visitors who find their way to the west should certainly check out Picton Botanical Gardens. This beautiful park area offers great entertainment options for the entire family. You can find plenty of trails for biking and riding, as well as barbecue sets that make it having a picnic even more enjoyable. And while you are experiencing all of this on your own, if you have children, they can play with other kids on the playground equipment available.

Sydney Botanical Garden
Sydney Botanical Garden


Aside from grabbing a few drinks and a bit of shrimp to throw on the BBQ, you won’t have to spend much to enjoy your time at the Picton Botanical Gardens.

#3 North Head Sanctuary.

If you are on the northern side of Sydney, head over to the North Head Sanctuary. You will be amazed by the beautiful views of rocky cliffs and the ocean water that comes crashing amongst them.

North Head Sanctuary
North Head Sanctuary


While you are North Head Sanctuary, you can find plenty of birds and other animals that are native to Australia. While most of these great opportunities can be done for free, if you want to tap into that $25 spending budget, you can also rent a bike and head up the trails offered at North Head. North Head Sanctuary is a bit out of the city, but it’s a hidden treasure worth finding.

#4 Nielsen Park.

On the east side of Sydney is Nielsen Park. This is one of the top places that you should visit if you want to get the most surreal viewings of the Sydney Harbour. From Nielsen Park, you can see the entire layout of the harbour skyline, making for beautiful memories and pictures. Nielsen Park itself offers the opportunity to snorkel, swim and enjoy other marine activities.

Nielsen Park, Sydney
Nielsen Park


This park also offers plenty of cooking setups and picnic tables, if you want to make a day out of it by bringing some great food.

#5 Goat Island.

A truly historic event to take part in while in Sydney is to head over to Goat Island. Just west of the Harbour Bridge, you can see where the Sydney Water Police once was established and did much of their duties of fighting crime. Not only does the island have great historical value, but it is also quite beautiful and offers very serene views.

With all of these great parks and attractions, you may not even have to open your wallet to enjoy your time in Sydney. However, to make your time even more memorable, use the money that you save on attractions, and put it to good use by enjoying traditional Australian food and drinking fantastic drinks offered only from down under. You can make the most of your vacation to Sydney without spending much money at all. But in order to really appreciate and enjoy the vacation, use that money to keep your belly full and spirits high, while you take part in everything that the beautiful city of Sydney has to offer.

Have you ever made it to Sydney? If so, which of these free stops have you visited?

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  • Sydney looks so lovely, but I always picture it as an expensive destination. You break down my expectations time and time again Agness!! Although I think if I ever head to Australia it will be on a working holiday visa and their wages are so high, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about it. But good to know some fun free activities are out there!

  • GOTTA GO… ;o) love it thanks for the add to my list. My list is going to be so long I won’t be able to see the top. LO

  • I haven’t been to Sydney yet but I can’t wait to get there, Agness! Oh my gosh I love all of your options here. Nielsen Park really intrigues me first because you wrote, “the most surreal viewings of the Sydney Harbour”. But, I would eventually check them all out! :)

  • its great that these destinations are free but even just trying to get to the destinations can be expensive. Goats island for instance you would need a ferry and there get towards the $20 mark return (that’s not a quote but an estimate) food on the day outs would be looking above the $10 mark. Although, being in Sydney maybe I should try it one day. getting to some of these places on less then $25. It’s do-able, probably not as enjoyable or very easy. Some nice destinations however

  • Sydney is such a great city to just explore. You really don’t need to spend much to enjoy it, as you greatly pointed out.

    I’d also recommend the coastal walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach. If I remember correctly it takes around 45 minutes- 1 hour and offers incredible views of the beaches and towns.

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