A Bit Different Easter, in China…

It’s Easter Time!

There’s a story quite funny
About a toy bunny
And the wonderful things she can do
Every bright Easter morning
Without warning
She colors eggs, red, green, or blue.

First of all, we would like to send the warmest and kindest Easter wishes to all of our friends, family, followers and fellow travel bloggers, from Dongguan in China.

two people are saying happy easter on the balcony

Have a happy, peaceful, and fun Easter filled with marshmallows, chocolate, and jelly beans.

May you be blessed with God’s warm love and trust in his living grace this Easter!

Have fun Easter egg hunting and hanging out with family.

Egg painting with nail polish

a girl is holding two easter eggs painted and she smiles
Taaaadam! That’s called ART

This year our Easter is a bit different. The reason being we are in China where Chinese don’t celebrate it at all. They barely know what it is all about. There are no chocolate Easter bunnies or eggs in the shops, so let’s face it… our Easter sucks! But, we tried our best to make these few days as special as possible. We woke up in the morning and painted some eggs with … my nail polish :).

It was stinky, sticky and adherent but the eggs turned out to look good. Just look at them!

We made a nice egg omelette for dinner :-):-).

Picking up strawberries

A bunch of fresh strawberries

We spent an amazing afternoon with our students at the local farm picking up some strawberries. Yes, strawberries! It’s strawberry season right now!

Local farm in Dongguan where strawberries grow
 Local farm in Dongguan where strawberries grow

All kids were accompanied with their parents and some family members.

Chinese students and their parents in search of stawberries
 Chinese students and their parents in search of strawberries

The weather was lovely unlike snowy Europe so we enjoyed it a lot. Everyone seemed to be in great moods. We imagined strawberries were eggs so we did some “egg hunting” hahaha. That was just so hilarious.

Easter dinner 

In the evening we treated ourselves with a nice Chinese dinner ordering our favourite food: baozi (Chinese dumplings), some tofu, fish, pork and a lot of fruits.

Chinese pork with some flowers
 Pork served so nicely

Maybe this year’s Easter wasn’t the most domestic and traditional, but we made some effort to feel like home and make this day as special as possible. We already have some great ideas for Easter Monday!

We hope you are having a wonderful time with your loved ones and wish you once again of the best! 

To fellow travelers : Where in the world are you celebrating Easter this year?


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Agness Walewinder
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34 thoughts on “A Bit Different Easter, in China…”

  1. Even if I am in the Philippines and here it is a Christian country, it hasn’t been that important as I though. A part from some messes and people selling palms in the street and most of the shops closed in Good Friday and today Sunday…not much…

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Yeah, I would expect more effort from locals taking into account it is a Christian country. At least there are some masses so you can go and pray. Here there are only temples and closed pagodas. Happy Easter anyways!

  2. The strawberry picking seems so nice! What a good way to spend Easter. We spent the whole day in a minivan going from Thailand to Malaysia. We just had our Easter dinner and it was Indian food. Not traditional but still very nice!

    1. Agness Walewinder

      What a great mixture of cultures – Indian, Thai and Malaysian :) I’m glad you enjoyed your Easter dinner. We actually miss some rice and curry with samosas and pita bread :).

  3. Looks like you had a great Easter although strawberries are not exactly the same as chocolate, it’s the feeling that counts and what you make of it. I’m definitely jealous of your easter dinner, it’s about dinner time here now and I still have no idea what to eat but the idea of getting some chinese food now is definitely there.

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Yes, it’s not exactly the same but strawberries are much healthier :-P. The ones we picked up were so fresh and juicy! Yummy! Chinese food is always an option, try some baozi :) Happy Easter Freya!

  4. We are in Fethiye in Southern Turkey, no eggs, no chocolate, but we have some fabulous Turkish food instead. Just one egg would be nice though.

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Turkey for Easter? Sounds great. Enjoy the sun!:-) Yeah, Easter without any eggs sucks :S.

  5. Happy Easter Agness and Cez! You guys are so creative and it seems you had fun too! I spent my Easter with my friends in France, was lovely!

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Amazing. Was it snowing? White Easter this year lol. Thank you, you also enjoy your Easter with your family! All the best!

  6. It’s cute that you went strawberry picking instead of Easter egg hunting. I barely even thought about Easter this year because it wasn’t mentioned at all in Japan – maybe I’ll make-up for it by eating a lot of chocolate.

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Are you spending Easter in Japan? I guess it’s so much like in China. Nobody knows Easter exists ;-). Have some sushi instead of eggs :)

  7. Glad to see that you managed to celebrate Easter and the home made decorated Eggs look like a lot of fun, well done.

    I’m quite surprised that the Chinese haven’t embraced Easter yet. They often tell me that they’ll celebrate anything, they just love a reason to party.

    Agness, I remember a while ago you said that you’d given up chocolate, is this still the case?

    1. Agness Walewinder

      We had a great time indeed! Chinese celebrate a lot but Easter is something new to them. They love Christmas and Halloween parties a lot though. I gave up eating chocolate, that’s true and I have not eaten it since. I can’t say I don’t miss it, but my health improved drastically :). Have more energy and no mood swings anymore.

  8. Jess @UsedYorkCity

    Happy Easter! I love that you guys were able to improv and paint eggs with nail polish, how creative!:-) I spent Easter here in NYC…always fun to go to the parade and see the big over-the-top hats people wear!;-)

    1. Agness Walewinder

      Thanks Jess! Happy belated Happy Easter wishes to you!! Hope you had an amazing time in NYC! Wish I was there! x

  9. Nice Easter. I always wanted to celebrate either Christmas or Easter in Asia. Can’t look forward to the next one!

  10. Nail polished on Easter eggs?! Ha! Ha! You cracked me up! I admire your resourcefulness and creativity. And the strawberry hunting was a fun alternative for egg hunting. And what a fun way to spend a day with you students. They’re so adorable!

  11. glad to know that you’re having a blast in dongguan, china… the food really looks delicious!!! :-)

  12. I completely forgot about Easter this year to be honest as I was in Japan at the time. Like you said above – no-one knows it exists in that part of the world! Great to see that you made a Chinese Easter effort anyhow :)

    Loving your recent posts about China btw!

    1. Agness Walewinder

      We were about to forget about Easter as well but my mom reminded me last minute :). Thanks a lot for the kind words. China’s been so awesome and we just love to share it with others! :)))

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