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55 Travel Selfies From Around The World


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Who likes to take selfies on the road? Hands up!

We, travel bloggers, certainly do. To prove it, I’ve collected 55 selfies taken in different parts of the worldfrom freezing Antarctica and French Alps to sunny Tanzania and the Caribbean. There is even a selfie taken in one of Indonesian prisons and one taken in Cozumel, Mexico while diving the reef! Instagram is full of selfies, and now you can see them on eTramping too!

Let’s start our selfie journey around the World! 3, 2, 1… GO!

1. Selfie from Niece, France by Crazzzy Travel.

This May, looking happy in Nice, France. The wind was strong but so was the sun, we were happy to be there and enjoy a piece of a beautiful place called French Riviera. We only had one day in Nice so we spent most of the time wandering around the coastline, watching fit Françaises and luxury cars going by. Ah, those memories!

2. Selfie from Peru by Jessie On Journey.

This selfie was taken while hiking the Inca Trail in Peru. I had wandered away from the group for a little bit to enjoy some moments of solitude. The scenery was so beautiful, I wanted to remember myself being there forever. 

3. Selfie from Jordan by Jessie On Journey.

This selfie was taken in Jordan’s Wadi Rum, also known as the Valley of the Moon. Myself and my group were exploring via 4×4, stopping at some beautiful spots along the way to walk around, climb and take photos. This was taken while the vehicle was quickly bounding through the desert, the sun setting behind me. I was trying to capture my hair flying everywhere and just the chaos of the ride in such a beautiful place, and this is what I came up with. 

4. Selfie from Sydney, Australia by Curb Free With Corylee.

I took this selfie at Sydney, Australia’s Taronga Zoo. I had this trip planned for months and months and dreamed of seeing a kangaroo, as I’m a huge animal lover. As soon as I entered the kangaroo walkabout this rather large kangaroo was laying down within arm’s reach just chillin’. I was so excited to finally meet a kangaroo that I immediately snapped this selfie and then proceeded to stare and maybe have a conversation with him (shhh!) for the next hour or so. Such an epic day! To read more about my encounters at Taronga Zoo, visit my blog. 

5. Selfie from Phang Nga Bay, Thailand by Nomadic Texan.

This selfie was taken at James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand. I took it because of the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

6. Selfie from the French Alps by A World To Travel.

This selfie was taken in 2010/11 winter season. Although it was about to end tragically, our relationship with French Alps has been providing us with uncountable true happiness moments during the last 5 years. There’s something about those mountains that never gets old and keeps calling your name over and over. Val Thorens was not different. Having worked there three years in a row, I can say it’s one of the most fun and stunning resorts I’ve ever been to. Part of the huge 3 Vallees domain, you can access more than 600km of runs from there!

7. Selfie from the Dominican Republic by We Travel And Blog.

My  husband and I at the edge of a really tall cliff in a remote part of the Dominican Republic.

8. Selfie from the US West Coast by Lady’s Travel Blog.

While traveling solo if you want a photo of yourself in certain circumstances the need to take selfies is inevitable.  So on my US West Coast Adventure there were many selfies to be had – but my favourite will forever bring a smile to my face and remind me of that moment.  It all started on the top of a double-decker bus going over the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge on a beautiful clear, warm day – but the rush comes in the form of a crazy wind that finds you on the bridge, and on a good day with long curly hair it made for a (at many times) blind ride!

9. Selfie from Peninsula, Antarctica by Backpacking in China.

While backpacking in the continent of extremes, other people are often too much in awe to bother asking them to help you take a photo, so I ended up taking a load of “selfies” there. I took this one half way up Cuverville Island. It’s a remote island off the Peninsula part of Antarctica and is 300 metres high. We hiked all the way to the top through a blizzard and some thick. The views at the top were worth it.

10. Selfie from Budapest, Hungary by Traveling Hong Kong girl.

I love hiking and walking up hills to get amazing views of new cities on my travels and I have taken a lot of “selfies” like that during my world travels. The coolest recent one was up at Gellert Hill, looking down on Budapest, the capital city of Hungary! There was nobody else about so I just turned the camera on myself and snap, got a really nice image captured!

11. Selfie from Ella, Sri Lanka by Travel Andy.

The way up was tough to say the least and I was panting like a dog when I finally got here. But the sense of achievement was awesome as I appreciated the view from the top of Ella Rock in Sri Lanka. I had to capture the moment.

12. Selfie from Zermatt, Switzerland by Heynoobz.

This is after taking the highest cable car in Europe from Zermatt, Switzerland to Glacier Paradise where we could take an epic selfie with the Matterhorn. We missed catching the tip-top of it when those clouds started to roll in. They sure we’re fast! Being from California, home of Disneyland and the famous Matterhorn roller coaster, it was cool to see the real one in person! Well, minus the roller coaster.

13. Selfie from Boracay, Philippines by No Place To Be.

We were in Boracay for a few days of relaxing between swimming with Whale Sharks in Donsol and going to Malapascua Island for lots of diving. The water was beautifully clear so we started taking pictures and they inevitably ended up being of the two of us messing about.

14. Selfie from the Bjarnarhöfn, Iceland by On My Feet Or In My Mind.

This is one I took of myself and ‘fermenting’ shark meat at a place in Iceland called the Bjarnarhöfn. One of Iceland’s signature foods is hákarl, which is basically rotted and cured shark meat, and this farmstead on the the Snæfellsnes Peninsula is the country’s leading producer of it. I love this one because I look pretty horrified- both by the barn where the meat is hung and also by the acrid taste of it.

15. Selfie from Nepal by Are You Happy 1409.

The one in Nepal was taken while flying on the BudhaAir over Everest.  We woke up at 5 in the morning, very cheerful, boarded a small small plane for only 18 people plus crew, the plane did not start so we had to switch to another plane which started and the flight over Everest was so exciting! We got to go into the pilots cabin and see the mountains, take pictures, dreamed that one day we will get the courage to trek Himalaya :p. Next day one tourist plane just like ours flying over Everest crushed.  We thought to ourselves that we got lucky and that it must have been the will of the Indian gods we have just visited before Nepal that saved us and that we should keep traveling and take chances no matter what J.

16. Selfie from New Delhi, India by Are You Happy 1409.

The second picture was shot in New Delhi.  It was our first day during the 2 weeks trip through India and Nepal. For me it was the second time in India whilst for my friend it was the first visit. She was excited for the new adventure and I was excited hopping that she will love India as much as I did.  We ended up having a blast that trip and this is how Are you happy? was created J.

17. Selfie from Russia by Legging It.

This selfie was taken on a frozen Lake Baikal in Russia

18. Selfie from Marche, Italy by Null n full.

It was taken last week in Italian region Marche while I was hunting truffles. This is an awesome activity which involves a lot of walking, staying outdoor and having the best friend with you: a DOG! The one I had was brilliant and we found like 4 truffles together! The pic shows how the typical Marche landscape is.

19. Selfie from Azeri desert by Hitch-Hikers Handbook.

We took this photo in a car in the middle of an Azeri desert on the way to see the mud volcanoes near Qobustan, Azerbaijan. It was a scorching day, which you can see on our sweaty faces, and a bumpy journey through the desert so that’s our excuse for the horrible shot.

20. Selfie from Finland by Travel Experience Live.

It is taken on the Arctic Circle in Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland. I took it after cycling there from Belgium – I did take a couple of trains too, I have to admit – and because it was an undeniably special place.

21. Selfie from Peru by How I Became Texan.

My husband snapped this selfie on top of one of the mountains surrounding Cusco (Peru) on our honeymoon. We planned to do a ten day hiking trip up Machu Picchu, but two days before the start, I was hospitalized in Cusco and underwent an emergency appendectomy. After ten days in the hospital, we didn’t have enough time to climb Machu Picchu. Instead, right before we flew out of Cusco, we took a bus to the top of this mountain. It was a shame that we missed Machu Picchu, but we learned that when you travel, “plans don’t always line up with reality” .We also learned how much fun it is to travel with your best friend!

22. Selfie from the World Hockey Championship in Minsk, Belarus by Megan Starr.

I previously have traveled to Belarus and underwent such a difficult visa that I never thought I’d make it back there.  Luck being on my side, the Belarusian government made the country visa-free for this hockey tournament.  I couldn’t book a ticket quick enough.  The tournament was saturated with Russians and Belarusians, and my friend and I were probably the only two Americans there, which made us very popular.  Historically and politically speaking, Russia and the US are supposed to not be best friends.  But when American friendliness and Russian hospitality collides (and a few bottles of vodka), anything can happen and we all realize we are really the same and it can make for the absolute BEST party in the world.

23. Selfie from Cozumel, Mexico by Escaping Abroad.

This was shot in Cozumel, Mexico while diving the reef. I wanted a photo of myself to remember the great time I had underwater that day.

24. Selfie from Tanzania by JdombsTravels.

We were on safari in Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania and came upon a pride of male lions that had taken down a Cape buffalo. Lions eat in the order of the pack hierarchy and the pride leader had been napping in the shade of all the safari vehicles. He finally got up to the delight of all the safari vehicles gathered. We rarely take selfies, but when your selfie can include a lion in the wild, you just have to take it!

25. Selfie from the Caribbean by Justin Plus Lauren.

When we went to Grenada in the Caribbean, our snorkeling tour was cancelled. Instead of sulking, we decided to hop in a taxi along with a couple of very sweet ladies who were also along for the ride! The results? A fantastic private tour that took us all over the island to multiple sites, including a waterfall, a volcano crater lake, a rum tasting, a spice demonstration, and a beach – all complete with gorgeous views. We got to see so many areas of Grenada, all while being toured around by a local who answered any questions that we had about living there. Sometimes when your plans don’t completely work out as originally expected, amazing things can happen! This selfie is a picture of us in the taxi van together on this tour.

26. Selfie at St. Peter’s Church, Munich Germany.

27. Selfie from Batu Caves, Malaysia by Romancing The Planet.

It has been, a while I have got in touch with my parents who were then in USA. All the while, they have been wondering how did I look and where was I. So, I took a selfie with an SLR and send it to them as a surprise. Not the greatest of picture, but see the cause.

28. Selfie from Kelimutu’s blue lake by Urban Duniya.

This picture is taken at Kelimutu’s blue lake, a water-filled volcano on the Indonesian island of Flores. The previous day I had been very sick, and my friend and I had missed the opportunity to see the craters of Kelimutu on a clear day. After recovering the next morning, we climbed the mountain as dawn broke, but the mist refused to budge. We strained our eyes to see anything, but we had no luck. We turned to leave, and just as we passed the blue lake on the way out a puff of wind momentarily exposed the turquoise water below. While my friend was grinning with relief, I whipped out my camera and took this shot :).

29. Selfie from Sumatra by Jacomijns.

This year I took this one of me with the biggest flower, the Rafflesia. It is taken in the jungle near Bukittingi, Sumatra.

30. Selfie from Quebec by Take Me To The World.

Hi I’m Alouise I have a travel and performing arts blog called Take Me to the World. I don’t take a lot of selfies, but this was one I took last year after visiting The Canadian History Museum. In this photo I’m technically standing in Gatineau, Quebec, but the buildings you see behind me are The Canadian Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, Ontario.

31. Selfie from Morocco by Coffee In A Cup.

In March this year I was in Morocco with a bunch of travel bloggers (great fun!) and on our last day lunch with a view was on the menu. Good food was enjoyed to the stunning backdrop of the Atlas Mountains and before we travelled back to the airport, and with little time to spare, I managed to squeeze in a selfie with this North African beaut.

32. Selfie from Iceland by Sole Seeking.

The photo was taken on Bláhnúkur Mountain in Landmannalaugar, Iceland. I took it because it had been quite a spontaneous decision to visit that particular place, and I was just really happy to have made the last-minute decision to jump on a bus and go there. I think that’s the mentality you need to get a lot out of traveling:).

33. Selfie from Spain by Two Bad Tourists.

We took this selfie at Madrid Pride, the host of Europe’s largest gay pride celebration with more than 2 million people attending each year. Though we’re from the US, we now call Madrid home and enjoy the long sunny days and great nightlife. When we’re not traveling we love exploring the city to discover the culture, nightlife (and sangria!) and gay friendly accommodations in Madrid so we can provide visitors with insider tips to plan their trip.

34. Selfie from Indonesia by Discover Your Indonesia.

The feeling of being able to stand on the top of Wayag Islands in Raja Ampat, Papua, Indonesia is hard to describe. The most iconic place in Raja Ampat offers you a view that can’t be beaten. Though I climber with more than 10 people, the amazing view captured everyone’s imagination and in no time people were busy taking photos. So taking a selfie was definitely a must!

35. Selfie from London by Pam goes traveling.

Strolling along River Thame is one of the best way to see London. A visit to Borough Market to fill the tummy, admire all the beautiful architectures, soak yourself in the artistic side of it, witness iconic landmarks of London and of course just embracing the moment. The symbolic Tower Bridge along River Thame is often being mistaken for being the London Bridge. It is feature in practically anywhere at the mention of London. Seeing it for myself is just incredible! (You know how people always say seeing is believing?) Yes, I am awed by its magnificence and how could I resist not taking a selfie with such a significant attraction. Of course when you are a solo traveller, selfie is the way to go!

36. Selfie from Thailand by Laura Explorer.

Beach selfie, taken on a random Island between Phuket & Koh Yao Noi in Thailand, on a long tail boat trip of snorkeling and island hoping with my sister.

37. Selfie from Tokyo by Anna Everywhere.

Taken at Fukuro no Mise Owl Cafe in Tokyo, Japan. I guess my selfies ended up better than photos taken by others – it was quite difficult to capture the owl’s face (can I even say they have a face?).

38. Selfie from Saudi Arabia by Pop Culture Middle East.

This photo I took of a sign that was posted throughout a recent gallery exhibition here in Saudi Arabia. I featured it in a recent post on my blog.

39. Selfie from Jordan by One Bear Travel.

Here’s my travel selfie which was taken in Wadi Rum, Jordan. This was after sunrise at the Bedouin Meditation Camp Site. Some of the other tourists had signed up for a camel trek back to town and I just had to get a shot of the camels before they headed off !

40. Selfie from sunny Marrakech by Ad-lib Traveller.

I visited Marrakech in March 2014 as part of a girly getaway with friends. I took the photo as I wanted to capture that very moment in the city of enjoying a positive day filled with sunshine and absorbing the opportunity.

41. Selfie from Bruges by Ad-lib Traveller.

I was with a friend and we had decided to spend a day in Bruges after an initial trip to Brussels. Despite it being cold, we had a great day seeing the horse drawn carriages that are popular in the city lined with cobbled streets.

42. Selfie from Gran Canaria by Travel Hacks.

This selfie was taken in Dunas de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain. I’m not really into selfies but doing one here was something I wanted to do for a long time. Well, you don’t stumble upon a small desert in the countries of European Union every day, right? So there it is. Apart from taking pictures I really liked the place so I wrote the whole post about these sand dunes. If you’re in the area, don’t forget to check them! (and take a crazy selfie ;-).

43. Selfie from Turkey by Heart of A Vagabond.

As a solo female traveler, I rarely have the chance to have a travel partner who helps me with photos or registering those magical moments around the world. This might be the reason I have so little photos of myself during my travels. Sometimes though, magic happens when I least expect and taking a good discrete selfie is the only way I can make that moment live forever..  Most of my selfies are taken when I’m in the company of an incredible street animal, like this incredibly gentle cat I met at a Turkish mosque. I remember his loud purrs and long black whiskers making my day on my last evening in Istanbul.

44. Selfie from Cuba by Don’t Forget To Move.

This selfie was taken in Havana, Cuba, on one of the rare occasions that we’d eat out at a nice restaurant. Rather than trawl the streets for the cheapest food we decided to splash out on our last night with plenty of salsa dancing and fancy cocktails.

45. Selfie from the Philippines by Noelimits.

I took it in Cambugahay Falls, in the island of Siquijor, known as the mystical and magical island of the Philippines.Definitely, such a pretty place not to try a selfie :).

46.  Selfie from Bali by Nomad Is Beautiful.

This is a photo of us and a Balinese family we stayed with in Ubud for almost one month. On this particular day, we cooked Italian pasta with eggplant and mozzarella for about 17 people. At the end, all were happy and a bit surprised by the taste but everybody finished his plate.

47. Selfie from Copenhagen by On the Road Again.

I usually don’t take selfies in public as I feel totally awkward doing so. However the first time I visited Copenhagen I wasn’t able to see The Little Mermaid as she was on World Exhibition in Asia. So when I visited Copenhagen the second time and finally got to see the mermaid, I just had to get over the fact that I was surrounded by 200 Japanese tourists and I finally took that travel selfie that I really liked in the end!

48. Selfie from Australia by Contented Traveller.

We took it at Moss Vale at a funny little diner on our way to the Music Festival at the snow.

49. Selfie from Albania by Polacos De Polonia.

We took this photo in Tirana, Albania. That was during our Balkan trip, were we were traveling mostly by hitchhiking. 8 countries all full of beautiful landscapes, amazing nature, majestic architecture, delicious food (on this photo you can see us eating burek), wonderful wine (not to mention rakija!) but above all the stunning human hospitality.

50. Selfie from Gobi Desert by Five Dollar Traveller.

We love this pic as it shows the not so glamorous side of travel. This was the 5th time we had broken down during our trip across Mongolia – there would be plenty more! We had flat tyres, numerous holes in the radiator with oil spewing everywhere, the van only had 3rd gear and we even broke down in the Gobi Desert for 19 hours. But we made it through and came out with the pretty epic story.

51. Selfie from Mexico City by World Wide Adventurers.

Sad but true we can always be entertained at a train station! So many familiar faces in this mural at Auditorio Station – Line 7 – Mexico City we just had to add ours to it! One of my latest posts is: Mexico City Don’t Go there?

52. Selfie from an Indonesian prison by Holidaze.

I’m not a big selfie-taker…after all I know what I look like. However after I was locked up abroad in Indonesia and awaiting deportation all because of a tweet, I decided that this moment needed to be remembered. In fact I posted quite a few Instagram photos of and from my cell during the first week of my incarceration, before they took my phone and tablet away and deleted everything. Luckily this one (and a couple others) survived as they had already been uploaded to my blog for use in a post.

53. Selfie from New Orleans by My Hot Pink Passport.

My selfie is from New Orleans, Louisiana on New Year’s Eve right before I joined the parties in Jackson Square and on Bourbon Street. In true Nola party style, I donned a ton of beads and a fun feather head piece. Nola is one fun city, especially on New Year’s Eve.

54. Selfie from Nepal by See The World In My Eyes.

This is me trying to smile when I am actually quite scared. I love traveling and I love especially interesting local travel experiences. In Myanmar I discovered 15 Ways to travel like a local and in Nepal it was simply impossible to resist the temptation of riding on the roof of a bus. This had always looked like such fun thing to do and when I came across an overcrowded bus in the Himalayan Mountains, I simply jumped at the opportunity and climbed to the top.
As it turned out, the roof of the bus was a lot higher than expected, the edge of the road and the valley looked a lot deeper all of a sudden, the bus was shaking left and right much more on the roof than when riding inside and, sitting on a bag of rice while holding onto a flimsy rail for dear life was not quite as much fun as I had anticipated. Did I mention that I also got rained on? Well, this was definitely an interesting local travel experience. But, would I recommend that you ride on the roof of a bus as well? Definitely not. Would I do it again? Probably yes…

55. Selfie from Greece by Style-Island.

Selfie from the Sunsets Cafe in Mykonos, Greece watching everyone famously congregate to see the sunset.

Do you often take selfies when traveling?

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Travel freak, vagabond, photography passionate, blogger, life enthusiast, backpacker, adventure hunter and endless energy couchsurfer living by the rule "Pack lite, travel far and live long!"

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  • Amazing collaborative post coming here , to have selfies from travel blogger. I would love to share my selfie of driving a Autorickshaw in India where only Indian travel woman blogger has done. Derek from the above post who was in prison in Indonesia is the one along with me on the race. Lovely post

  • I’m glad you found the article helpful! Feel free to send out but please include a link back to our site and credit our company as the author. Thanks!

  • Oh my gosh, I love this!! I wish I could take selfies but sadly I have no way to do so at the moment. Have to rely on strangers to snap some pics and those don't always turn out so well! Haha

  • Wow that's awesome! Should you make a selfie video for each place and put all of the clips together too. That would be very cool to watch! :)

  • Haha I love this article! So many interesting and funny pictures. #38 is awesome :D Brilliant idea and some beautiful pictures!

  • Thanks for including me in your project! All the other selfies were absolutely awesome. Now there are even more places I want to travel to!

  • Ha! What a fun post! Such a great idea, I really like it. I took some cool selfies with amazing animals in the Galapagos Islands recently(=

  • I am so not the type to "selfie", but when I saw this posit coming up, I knew I had done it at least a couple of times before (long before the "selfie" rage, actually!!). Great post - very 2014!!! :D

  • Wow Agness, what a great collection of selfies! It’s really fun to see all the different people in all sorts of different situations and places. Thanks for putting all this together and thank you even more for having me participate in it… :)

  • I love this post and all the great travel selfies <3 Thanks for including mine! :)

  • Hi Agness, this is such a great, fun post! I enjoyed each selfie shots and the stories behind them. I love how the photo techonology have evolved and how photo taking and sharing have become more fun.

  • What a great collection of travel photos! Just noticed mine is the featured image on the home page! Go me :)

  • Thanks so much for your creative idea Agness! It was great to be a part of this great collaborative post. Cheers until the next one!

  • O this is such a fun post! (and now I need to check a whole lot of other blogs too...) I love taking selfies while traveling and usually from me and Tom together as we normally only have one or the other in the photo but seldom the both of us, so we take selfies! And there are some of my fondest memories!

  • What a brilliant post. My son is obsessed with taking selfies and videos. I have to watch my back though as he's always takeing me in uncompromising positions or with something stuck on my nose or hair LOL!
    I love, Nr. 6 (a clever reflection tip), Nr. 8 (the all hair girl), Nr. 23 (underwater diving), and Nr. 38 (the "No-Selfie" selfie. Classic!

  • What a great idea for a post! Love the one with shark meat, and the one with the sand dunes!

  • What an awesome list of adventurers and stories behind the photos. Love this idea. Selfies are not as natural to me. I have to consciously remind myself, so a bit of it feels like work of how I can shoot myself differently or as if I had another person taking my photo. But being a solo travel blog and having to do a lot on my own, it's definitely come in handy for taking others inside my travels. =)

  • This is such a great idea. I love how in a lot of posts people look sweaty, tired and happy. That's the sign of real travel selfie

  • I intended to send you mine, but apparently the pic is still lying in my drafts :)
    It's so nice to see all these pictures, Such a fun post this is.

  • Such a fun post! I absolutely love it! :) Made me smile to see all these happy travelling faces, and now I've a load more travel blogs to discover - double win!

    • =) Same here =) I can't stop smiling when I look at these pictures... :)

  • No 14 and 38 really made me smile.

    I also loved seeing Jonny in his tradition Northern Ireland shirt and the fact there is a place called James Bond island! Sounds like a place to go.

    Also very sad to see Derek in the jail cell but glad he is out again.

    I must admit that I'm part of a rare breed. Even blog aside I must admit to not being into selfies at all. Seeing the Obama, Cameron and Danish PM taking one just really made me cringe. I don't mind if someone takes a picture of me but I don't really do self portraits, just not fascinated me.

    It is great that you've received 55 contributions to this article. There are some wonderful shots of some very happy and exciting people. Of the ones I know I'm keen followers. Yet as always Agness and Cez you are introducing me to some more great bloggers for which I thank you.

  • Fantastic! Love these pictures. I have only started taking selfies on vacation recently. It really comes in handy when no one is around, especially if I'm travelling solo. :)

    • Keep taking selfies Marsha! They are lovely and always bring back amazing memories from the road =).

  • LOVE seeing so many of my fellow travel bloggers' smiling faces here. Such a great idea for a post. Thanks for sharing :)

  • What a great list! We love seeing photos of other people from all over the world! Also, so many familiar faces :) :)

    Thanks for including us at #1!!

  • What a great post! Thanks for introducing me to other nice travelers. Although I am a little sad I didn't make the cut :(.

  • Hi Agness,

    Such a fun post! Thank you for including me in this post :)My favourite is the one by A World To Travel.

  • Such a cute series! I totally could have contributed to this. :D I think my favourite is Nomadic Texan or the OWL!!!

  • Ahhhh this is AWESOMEE!!! I'm going to keep an eye out for your next collab post so I can be a part of it too :P
    The Saudi one is AWESOME!!!! :D

    • Thank you for your compliment Surya! You would not believe the number of people who either didn't read the sign or chose to ignore it...

  • Great list Agness. Love all the selfies everyone. Bummed we didn't get on board, next time. We have some new blogs to follow now.

  • This is such a fun post!! But I'm super jealous of everyone's selfie-taking skills. I don't even know how it's possible to be bad at selfies, but I am!

  • It's also really incredible to see how many other travel bloggers there are out there! That's incredible
    (and everyone has such a clever blog name!)

    • They are, indeed. I often taken them when I travel solo... One of my favourite travel activities :P!

  • Wow, you've complied quite the awesome selfie list here. Thanks for including my hair blowing selfie!

  • Such a brilliant idea and thanks for featuring us. I don't know all of these people yet but I soon will. Love the idea, and love the post. :)

  • Haha I love this post! Seriously though... #38 wtf?! I guess there is a time and a place for everything! :)

    • Pop Culture ME here! Not meant to say no travel selfies... It was at an art exhibit and they were just poking fun at the people who would/were taking selfies with the artwork. :P

    • It was all tongue in cheek! I thought that it reflected Saudi Arabia rather well, especially as a woman living here. I loved it when women came up to the sign and blatantly ignored it, posing with it in the background of their selfies!

  • Thanks a lot for including us, guys! We feel honoured to be listed among such great faces :) Personally, my favourite selfie is the double pout by Five Dollar Traveller! Hilarious :)

    • Thanks for contributing. The guys of Five Dollar Traveller made me laugh!!

  • Being a solo traveler, I take selfies quite often. Great to see the faces behind these great blogs.

  • Such a unique post idea and some really great selfies in some cool destinations!

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